Our Cafe and Church

The Meeting Place Cafe exists to reach out to the community of Cusco by giving all of their profits from the business to a handful of specific projects. The Cafe will be the hub of many more economically sustainable businesses as we grow and prosper.

The Meeting Place is a cafe/restaurant which serves up a great taste of comfort in a delightful atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. We cater to those looking for a break from the typical dishes and dining here in Peru.

In addition to the cafe, every Sunday night at 5:00pm a diverse group of people from all around the world gather in Plazoleta San Blas to explore some relevant and interesting topics. We have had discussions on the Peruvian/Inka culture, discussions on religion,  significance of local festivals and symbolism, as well as many others. The gathering is for all who are interested. It is an open and free discussion where people can come and share their perspective in a safe and comfortable environment. All faiths are welcomed and encouraged to attend. The setting is casual and laid-back.  You’ll meet great people and be part of an interesting discussion.

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For more info call locally at 054 958313981 or 232054, or US number 208-850-1851, or email scott@themeetingplacecusco.com.