The Children’s Project at Altivas Canas

Each day the kids receive a good meal before heading home

The Meeting Place has partnered with a small but effective project located in an area called Altivas Canas, on the outskirts of Cusco. The purpose of the project is to provide a place for children of single mothers to come and be supervised in a loving and wholesome environment, which allows the mothers to be able to go out and work. This helps the mothers to be able to provide for their children and household needs.

The project is operated by a lady named Quintina. She has been running the project for about 10 years. She uses a handful of long term volunteers to make sure the kids get their homework done, eat a good meal, and burn up some energy before returning to their homes in the evening. This helps with the  responsibilities of the mothers  when they return home after a long days work. Many of the tasks of motherhood have been completed…The moms can just spend time with their kids.